Current Research

Members of the UF LAADR team are currently conducting, presenting and publishing academic research within the realm of athlete and athletics development.


An Examination of Homologous Reproduction in the Representation of Assistant Coaches of Women’s Teams: A 10-Year Update

Lindsey Darvin & Michael Sagas 

This study aimed to update previous homologous reproduction research in coaching for four NCAA women’s collegiate teams in the USA. Further, this study aimed to extend previous research by continuing to examine environments in which women (as a proportion) are actually the dominant gender doing the hiring of their subordinate employees. Specifically, we examined the gender representation of assistant coaches as a function of the gender of their head coach in four sports (women’s basketball, women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, and softball) across all three NCAA divisions (I, II, and III). Results for this study revealed that in three of the four sports analyzed, female head coaches continue to hire female assistant coaches at a higher rate overall than do male head coaches. Further, male head coaches have continued to decrease their homologous reproductive practices since 2002 and have begun hiring additional female assistants and fewer all male coaching staffs.